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Our Branding & Decorating Techniques

Our Branding & Decorating Techniques

Released On 29th Jul 2020

Here at Awards & Incentives Group we are able to offer various techniques to decorate and personalise your chosen trophy, award or personal gift. The technique used is usually dictated by the artwork specifications provided and the given engraving or branding area of the product. Below is a guide explaining the branding options that are offered, please contact us if you have any questions regarding what is possible with your selected chosen product.

SE - Sandblast Engraving 

Sandblast engraving is a permanent branding process that gives a white slightly frosted finish with your design or text etched into the surface of the glass or crystal. All of our glass and crystal products that we supply can be sandblast engraved.

SS - Sub Surface Laser Engraved

Sub surface laser engraving can be used to recreate 2D or 3D images that are "floating" in the middle of the flawless optical crystal gift or award. Any Logos and text will always be imprinted as 2-dimensional images.

HF - High Fire Colour Printing

High fire transfer printing is the best permanent method of branding glass with colour. Due to the high firing temperatures the colours are limited, so we are not able to match PMS Pantone colours with this process.

LF - Low Fire Colour Printing

Low fire transfer printing can be used to match PMS Pantone colours. This branding process is primarily used for awards that are going to be on display.

DC - Full Colour Digital Print

Full colour digital printing can be used to reproduce full colour photographs, graphical images, company logos and colour text. It can only be used on our flat products, including our bespoke Acrylic Awards.

IN - Colour Infill

We are able to offer a varied selection of colours that can be used to infill the sandblast engraving on our glass and crystal products. Colour infilling is recommended for marble and coloured crystal products

We hope this short guide has given you an insight of what might be possible on your selected product. If you have questions please contact us on or call our customer service team on 01342 315818.